In Memory of Johnny B. Goode: World Tour 2014 - 2017

The Ghosts of Nothing are collaborating with an eclectic array of talented artists to produce a series of original mime-based interpretations of In Memory of Johnny B. Goode - A Rock Opera. Each album track is being re-staged as a single fugitive performance, presented at various locations globally, as part of a multi-year World Tour.

The first leg of the tour - "World Tour of Abandoned Music Venues - 2014/2015” - was completed in 2015. It corresponds to Act 1 of the album. It was originally advertised in the Italian art magazine
Mousse #45 (October-November 2014).

The second leg - “World Tour of Remote Wildernesses - 2015/2016” - has now also been completed. It covers Act 2 of the album. A complete list of Stage II tour dates was advertised in
Mousse #51 (December 2015-January 2016).

The third and final leg - "World Tour of Abandoned Gaol-Houses - 2016/2017" - has commenced. Tour dates are advertised in
Mousse #55 (October - November 2016).

We invite you to view all currently completed performance videos on YouTube:

Act 1 - Rise & Fall

Abandoned Music Venues - 2014/2015

Scene 1 - This Is Johnny (feat Frank J. Miles)

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Scene 2 - Betrayal (feat. Charles Famous)

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Scene 3 - An Impossible Question (feat. Lyndall Johnston)

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Scene 4 - Madonna of Hysterias (feat. Zoƫ Tuffin)

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Act 2 - Forgetting & Remembering

Remote Wildernesses - 2015/2016

Scene 5 - Intoxicated by the Moon (feat. Lee Devaney)

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Scene 6 - The Mirror (feat. Laura Purcell)

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Scene 7 - Children of the Moon (feat. Coleman Grehan)

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Scene 8 - Johnny on Ice (feat. Frank J. Miles)

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