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The Ghosts of Nothing: Sean Lowry & Ilmar Taimre.

All songs composed & arranged by:
Sean Lowry & Ilmar Taimre [except Johnny B. Goode (Berry), White Wedding (Idol), Mercedes Benz (Joplin, McClure, Neuwirth), Rock Around The Clock (DeKnight, Freedman), I’m So Excited (Lawrence, Pointer, Pointer, Pointer, Bontenbal, Steenhuis)]
Vocals: Lee Devaney, Sean Lowry, Ilmar Taimre, Rachel Scott & Linda Taimre.
Major instrumentation, production & FX: Sean Lowry & Ilmar Taimre.
Orchestral & choral instrumentation, programming & recording: Ilmar Taimre.
Metal gamelan, bamboo flutes, marimba, Celtic harp programming & recording: Ilmar Taimre.
Harmonica: Ilmar Taimre.
Guitars: Ilmar Taimre, Rob Taylor, Guss Mallmann.
Keyboards: Sean Lowry, Ilmar Taimre, Rob Taylor & Duane Morrison.
Additional SFX production: Mark Turner.
Basses: Rob Taylor.
Synth basses: Sean Lowry.
Drum programming: Sean Lowry, Rob Taylor & Ilmar Taimre.
Stem production, editing & arrangement: Sean Lowry & Ilmar Taimre.
Occasional live drums and percussion: Steve Allison & Ilmar Taimre.
Produced & mixed by: Sean Lowry with Ilmar Taimre.
Recording engineers: Sean Lowry, Rob Taylor, & Ilmar Taimre.
Mastering supervisor: Rob Taylor.
Mastered by: Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering.
Cover design & website: Ilmar Taimre (based on old postcard images).
Fragment of Heraclitus quoted in Track 3, from the translation by Philip Wheelwright (1959),
Heraclitus, Princeton: Princeton University Press, p.90 [Fragment 110].

In Memory of Johnny B. Goode Copyright © 2014 The Ghosts of Nothing